On Friday 15th April 2016, UNDP Administrator Helen Clark met with European Union (EU) Development Commissioner Neven Mimica on the sidelines of the WB-IMF Spring Meetings in Washington to sign the revised European Commission (EC)-UNDP Electoral Assistance Guidelines.

These Guidelines represent a renewed political commitment between both institutions to continue improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our collaboration in the field of electoral assistance.

Over 1 Billion USD

The EU and UNDP are two of the largest electoral assistance providers globally and share a common vision of the fundamental role that elections play in supporting the long-term improvement of countries’ democratic capacities.

Our decade-long partnership in electoral assistance has allowed us to combine our strengths and to partner on more than 100 electoral assistance projects, since 2006, for a total value of over 1 Billion USD.

The partnership between both institutions is managed through the EC-UNDP Joint Task Force on Electoral Assistance (JTF) based in Brussels, whose overall role is to strengthen and harmonize the common strategic approach of the European Commission (EC) and UNDP.

The JTF, which is coordinated by the UNDP Senior Electoral Advisor in Brussels, consists of EC and UNDP staff who meet on a regular basis to ensure that the required support is provided to all UNDP electoral assistance projects implemented by our Country Offices with EU funding.

Provided Services

The JTF and the revised Guidelines provide services, such as:

  • Project Electoral Formulation missions.
  • Delivery of project kick-off trainings at the inception stage of each project, EU Delegation (EUD) and UNDP CO staff will receive a ‘kickoff’ training delivered or coordinated by the JTF, that will allow them to forge a stronger partnership.
  • Monitoring and reporting all reports produced by the projects, including the minutes of Steering and Technical Committee Meetings, will be shared with the JTF.
  • Final Financial and Narrative reports the JTF will have one dedicated staff providing support in drafting their final financial and narrative reports.
  • Early Warning Mechanism this newly established mechanism allows the JTF to address any issues that could harm the EC-UNDP relationship, but that cannot be resolved in country.
  • JTF meetings weekly JTF coordination meetings will be held in Brussels, with the additional participation of relevant UNDP Regional Bureaux, representatives of the UN Electoral Assistance Division (EAD) and the European External Action Service (EEAS); country Offices will participate at all times when a specific country is being discussed.